The Cataract Institute at New Vision Eye Center is the first practice on Florida's East coast to offer the Verion high definition imaging system, bringing custom cataract surgery to a whole new level.

As the most experienced laser cataract surgeons on the Treasure Coast, Paul V. Minotty, MD and Stephen M. Tate, MD, are pleased and honored to now provide the Verion Image Guided system to further enhance visual outcomes for their patients.

Verion™ Image Guided System
New Vision Eye Center is the first practice on the East coast of Florida to acquire the Verion™ Image Guided System. This revolutionary technology creates a detailed map of the eye's unique features before cataract surgery for more precise lens placement during surgery. The Verion is designed for unsurpassed planning, accuracy, and efficiency throughout the cataract procedure.

How the Verion works:
A high-resolution image is taken of the patient's eye, mapping out important details and measurements. This "map" allows Drs. Minotty and Tate to more efficiently plan, and customize, each step of the procedure to the patient's eye. What's more, it provides greater accuracy and precision for the most important steps: the incision, as well as positioning and alignment of the intraocular lens, including those for astigmatic correction. The calculations and incision guides are flawlessly exported to other connected technology in the operating room during surgery.

In essence, the Verion™ Image Guided System assimilates the preoperative planning phase of a cataract procedure with the intraoperative direction of the surgeon during the surgery. The system enables the physician to practice improved precision and control, which is crucial in achieving more accurate refractive results.

To further enhance outcomes, Drs. Minotty and Tate use the Verion together with the LenSx laser cataract refractive suite and the Centurion phacoemulsification system, and Luxor surgical microscopes.

The Verion is yet another innovation that the physicians are proud to have available to benefit their patients. To learn more about cataract surgery utilizing these advanced technologies, call 772-257-8700 and we will gladly answer your questions or make your consultation appointment.

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